Cultural Arts Survey

In the fall of 2016, local arts leaders began discussing what they perceived to be unmet arts needs in the Box Elder community. Soon they found themselves dreaming of having some data to help them make some informed plans for what Box Elder County arts organizations could do better, and the 2017 cultural arts survey was born.

They also found themselves dreaming of creating a Box Elder Arts Council that could help arts groups work together and get some larger initiatives off the ground.

They thought a survey might help them see what the community thought was working, what the perceived needs were, and how our community is using existing arts resources. To that end, they invited colleagues from around Box Elder County who might share their interest in measuring such things to meet and to discuss what they might evaluate, and how they could accomplish a countywide cultural arts plan.

Cultural Arts Plan

This plan is the result of the hard work of that fantastic group of people. It would not have been possible without the support of the Bear River Association of Governments, and especially their able planner, Scott McComb, and intern, Katie Gerratt.


The Box Elder Arts and Culture Plan is a guiding document for community leaders to follow, which reflects the values, thoughts, and feelings about art and culture by county residents.

Box Elder County is a special place with a rich cultural history and a significant desire to support the arts. This plan shows that.
An astounding 85% of respondents said they would support a RAP (recreation, arts, and parks) tax in their town. A variety of comments
on open-ended questions showed that respondents were fiscally conservative, but would support more funding in a variety of ways, for
the arts. This year’s Arts Vibrancy Index shows that as a whole, we’re doing fantastically well with the limited funding that exists for the arts in Box Elder County.

We invite you to join with us in dreaming about what’s possible for the arts in Box Elder County, and to help us achieve it!

2017 Cultural Arts Plan