About Box Elder Arts

Box Elder Arts is a not-for-profit charity. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in Box Elder County by promoting, encouraging, and advocating for increased art and arts opportunities. We invite you to join with us in dreaming about what’s possible for the arts in Box Elder County, and to help us achieve it!

2017 Box Elder Arts & Culture Plan

This plan is the result of a survey conducted by a group of individuals who are invested in the arts in Box Elder County, with support from the Bear River Association of Governments. This plan outlines areas for growth in the arts in Box Elder County, and plans for making things happen.
Box Elder County is a special place with a rich cultural history and a significant desire to support the arts. Join us in dreaming about what's possible, and help us achieve it!

Our Goals

These are the goals we're working on. All came from the 2017 survey and subsequent report.

Become a Resource

Become a resource for arts and culture grant opportunities.

Increase Awareness

Increase awareness of art and culture for all community members.


Advocate for economic development using arts and culture.

Market the Arts

Establish an effective and efficient marketing strategy for the arts.

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